The Mind Of Lo Life Gentleman

Stay Lo & Keep Firing & Let The Work Show

#LetTheWorkShow #WCW You gotta go inward To experience the outer space that was Built for you You Gotta Go Inward in my Pharrell Voice Salute 2 @cocaine_lorraine So Beautiful
#LetTheWorkShow #LeadNeverFollow #FoodPorn been on the grind all day & it’s still not over. First Meal of the day I have to remind my self smh gotta do better but the Work will show Fact
#LetTheWorkShow #LeadNeverFollow #Puma Seem like a good day to Pull out the Jacket to Match The Kicks
#LetTheWorkShow #StudioLife #LeadNeverFollow Just now eating a quick Bite in the studio spicy wings Yes lord needed this
#LetTheWorkShow I feel in Love with Hip Hop when I heard KRS1 BDP & Kool G Rap and Married her when I heard Tribe Ha
#LetTheWorkShow #LeadNeverFollow #TBT Me & my Brother @raekwon X @BeNdaWORLD X @richforever Waaay Before I even got the Placement on Rae Album with Ross & GhostFaceKillah Prod By Xtreme Ross was Just coming out signed to Def Jam And Me and Rae Don P and Kay was just out doing the Dayum Thing I was Faded this night I know @dahawk2 can Re this Night I had just Meet Ben as well what a Great Night
#LetTheWorkShow #TBT Me @BeNdaWORLD my Bro @raekwon & @richforever this was wayyy Before I even got the placement on Rae album with Ross & Ghostface I been slanging Audio Dope Ha
#LetTheWorkShow #LeadNeverFollow #BikeLife #KOTD Quick Bike Ride to clear my Mind while listing to @kingthelonious Album #Wüderkid thinking of Marketing & Merch and to take our Label to the Next Level Album coming soon Salute
#LetTheWorkShow #LeadNeverFollow #Ldrs1354 #TeamEarly Last night was Madd Real Salute to my Ahk @phillyfreeway For Shutting Down Shrine last night with @memphisbleek1 Salute
#LetTheWorkShow #LeadNeverFollow #Ldrs1354 #Latepost #ChicagoNike up at the Nike Basketball summer Games in the cut under the Act